pre-travel chat

We offer a chat prior to travel by Skype or Facetime to clarify any initial doubts the student may have. Like the best places to live, or whether or not to buy a car.

airport pick-up

Our REX team will pick up the student the moment they arrive, giving them a warm welcome to his or her new city.

phone set up

We make sure students get the best deal for the best price. The minute they arrive they’ll receive a SIM card for their phone and enjoy unlimited data, text and calls with month to month contracts.

city tour

After airport pick up we’ll do a quick city tour showing basic

must-know places around their new neighborhood.

get a car

Need a car? No problem! REX helps students find the cheapest rate, including full coverage insurance for all drivers 18 and up.

find a place

We help students find their perfect place. We take into consideration their interest and living preferences to match them with the many options in San Diego. Beach, city, roommates or solo, we have it covered.

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